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The copyright and all other rights for this manual and the Omikron Basic software resulting from said copyright lie with Berkhan-Software, Entwicklung und Vertrieb, Alt-Isenhagen 19, D-29386 Hankensbüttel, Germany. It is prohibited to copy the manual or software or any parts thereof without written consent of Berkhan-Software for any other purpose than data backup. If a copy is created for the purpose of data backup, said copy has to contain all copyright notices as well. Furthermore, it is also prohibited to disassemble this software, modify, and/or distribute the modified version in any way, shape, or form. Non-compliance will be prosecuted.

Use after legal acquisition of the manual and the original CD is permitted analogously to the utilization of a book. Thus, the software may not be used by several persons simultaneously and/or distributed and used on several computers at once. For each individual parallel use, separated licenses are to be purchased.

Berkhan-Software levies no author copyright claims for programs, which were developed with Omikron Basic provided that it is not a question of programming languages. Programming languages themselves may not be developed and marketed with Omikron Basic without our written approval.

Guaranty Restriction

We reserve the right to amend the content of the manual and/or software at any time without prior notice. We assume no liability for the correctness of the content or any types of damages, which might result from use of the software program. Of course, we are always thankful for bug reports.


This manual and the Omikron Basic software use registered trademarks, which are not marked explicitly as such. However, this can and should not lead to the conclusion that these trademarks are free from rights of third parties.

Apple, Mac OS, Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Finder, Quick Draw are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. PowerPC is a registerd trademark of IBM Corp. ATARI is a registered trademark of the ATARI Corp. and GEM is a registered trademark of Digital Research.

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