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Chapter 9

Additional Libraries for Omikron Basic Mac

 EasyGem Library
 Complex Library
 Statistic Library
 Numeric Library

Libraries make it possible to extend the command set of Omikron Basic in any way the user desires. Libraries can be loaded and merged subsequently from the editor and require only a single line in the program. Generally, a library consists of a collection of procedures and functions, which were programmed for a specific task. If a user intends to write a library for Omikron Basic or maybe has already written such a library and now would like to make this library available to other users, please contact Berkhan-Software.

At this time, the following libraries are available to Omikron Basic:

The EasyGem Library

It is easy to create a user interface for a program using the EasyGem Library. Simply insert the corresponding commands for menus, dialog boxes, and windows into the text of the program. In this case, the EasyGem Library undertakes the greatest part of the management task of these structures. Thus, the user does not need to create any resource files and/or event handlers.

In paticular several commands of the EasyGem Library are used for the creation and management of menus. The text and the attributes of a menu item can be modified during the program's runtime using the corresponding commands. EasyGem can manage several parallel menus simultaneously. This means that only one command is required to switch between the menus. If a menu option was selected by the user, EasyGem issues a message indicating which entry option was selected.
Dialog boxes can be equipped with texts, input fields, check boxes, buttons, or radio buttons. If a dialog box was called, EasyGem automatically takes over management. After the user has exited the box, the program can inquire, which texts were entered, or which buttons are selected, and then reacts accordingly.
EasyGem makes child's play out of working with windows as well. Several types of windows can be defined - each optimized for a specific task (e.g., graphics, text entry). In this case, management of these windows is performed entirely by EasyGem. The programmer does not have to be concerned whether the user just clicked on the scroll bar or wants to move the window on the desktop.

The Complex Library

Physicists, electrical and other engineers require complex numbers, because many problems can be calculated much more easily and elegantly on the body of the complex numbers than with real numbers. Omikron Basic's Complex Library makes it now possible to compute all functions with complex numbers as well.

The Statistic Library

Almost everybody needs statistics. Whether a sales statistic is to be built into a calculation program, a measurement cluster to be equipped with a correlation analysis, or if predictions about the spread of a disease are to be made via a taken sampling, the Statistic Library makes it all easy.
A statistical predictive analysis is equally at home in a stockroom program as it is in the graphical evaluation with correlation analyses in the measurement acquisition program of an engineering office. Never mind special programs that have statistics as their main focus. The user no longer needs to choose the correct formulas and create the calculation algorithms - thanks to the Statistic Library. It offers functions for the calculation of the most important test distributions, procedures for the calculation of confidence intervals, implementation of the most important testing methods, simple and multiple regression, plus a variety of other methods useful for practical applications. The Statistic Library contains more than 80 functions:

The Numeric Library

Numerical methods are required in many scientific and technical application fields. Be it the solving of very large systems of equations as they are used every day in the evaluation of measured values or if it concerns the solving of differential equations - one is repeatedly confronted with numerical methods, which are often the only speedy, and above all, practical method to solve these pending problems.
Omikron Basic's Numeric Library is intended to facilitate the choice of appropriate solution methods and their implementation on the computer. Thus, this library offers functions and procedures concerning many important areas of numerical mathematics. Especial care was taken to supply a foundation of important and proven procedures, which can be used by most users. Amongst them is a procedure for the calculation of a Fourier transformation as well as an excellent differential equation solver - and the solving of systems of equations as well as interpolation procedures.

8. The ExtensionLibrary Contents | 10. The Library Maker

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