Omikron BASIC for Apple Power Mac

7-4. Virtual Key Code Contents | 7-6. System Font


Chapter 7-5

ASCII Codes and Associated Characters

System Font 
VT 100

A virtually unlimited number of fonts can be installed on Macintosh computers. Appearance of each font depends on different factors. Many fonts are available both as bitmap and as vector fonts and in that case, have a different character allocation and often a different appearance as well. The selected font size also determines which ASCII code has which allocated character. For example, compare the Monaco 12 points with the Monaco 14 points bitmap font that is used in the Omikron Basic editor. The system font is used for the menus, the window titles, and the comments in the dialog boxes. The other fonts may be used for the input of the program text. If additional fonts are installed on the computer, these will also be made available by Omikron Basic's editor as long as they are not proportional fonts. The following tables provide a short overview over the available default fonts in an in easy to read size. Please, note that the size of these fonts may be displayed differently - depending on your OS and setup at the time of viewing.

7-4. Virtual Key Code Contents | 7-6. System Font

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