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Chapter 6-3

MacOS Error Messages

Since Omikron Basic often calls on the operating system of the MacOS, error messages of the MacOS can be the result (e.g., when trying to open a non-existing file or when creating an Omikron Basic output window without having enough memory in the application heap). The following overview is meant to help the user to interpret these error messages correctly and make the appropriate corrections in his or her programs. This table contains only the most important numbers and does not claim to be comprehensive.

Note: In some cases it can happen, that an error number is reported, which is not listed at the corresponding manager. E.g. if you open an output window via SCREEN, although not enough memory is available in the application heap, the error message "QuickDraw error no: -108" will be reported. But this is an error message of the MemoryManager and there is explained, what this number means.

File Manager
Device Manager
Memory Manager
Process Manager
Print Manager
Sound Manager
Other MacOS Errors


Error Codes: File Manager

0 No error
-28 AppleTalk is not open
-33 File directory full
-34 All allocation blocks on the volume are full
-35 Volume not found
-36 I/O error
-37 Bad filename or volume name
-38 File not open
-39 Logical end-of-file reached
-40 Attempt to position mark before start of file
-42 Too many files open
-43 File not found
-44 Hardware volume lock
-45 File is locked
-46 Software volume lock
-47 File is busy; one or more files are open; directory not empty or working directory control block is open
-48 A file with the specified name already exists
-49 File already open for writing
-50 Parameter error
-51 Reference number specifies nonexistent access path; bad working directory reference number
-52 Error during GetFPos
-53 Volume is offline
-54 Attempt to open locked file for writing
-55 Specified volume is already mounted and online
-56 Specified drive number doesn't match any number in the drive queue
-57 Volume lacks Macintosh-format directory
-58 External file system
-59 Problem during rename
-60 Bad master directory block
-61 Read/write permission doesn't allow writing
-108 Insufficient memory available
-120 Directory not found
-121 Too many working directories open
-122 Attempted to move into offspring
-123 Not an HFS volume
-124 Server volume has been disconnected
-127 Internal file system error
-1300 File ID not found
-1301 File ID already exists
-1302 Specified file is a directory
-1303 Files are on different volumes
-1304 Catalog has changed and catalog position record may be invalid
-1306 Files are the same
-5000 The operation has failed because the user does not have the correct access to the file or folder
-5002 User authentication method is unknown
-5003 Workstation is using an AFP version that the server doesn't recognize
-5006 The operation has failed because the permission or deny mode conflicts with the mode in which the fork has already been opened
-5015 Byte range locking has failed because the server cannot lock any additional ranges
-5016 Server is not responding
-5020 User has attempted to unlock a range that was not locked by that user
-5021 User attempted to lock some or all of a range that is already locked
-5023 User authentication failed (usually, password is incorrect)
-5025 Object was a file, not a directory; or, this directory is not a share point
-5033 The directory contains a share point
-5034 File ID not found
-5035 File ID already exists
-5037 Catalog has changed and search cannot be resumed
-5038 Source and destination are the same
-5039 Bad file ID
-5042 Password has expired on server
-5043 The directory is inside a shared directory
-5060 Not a fixed directory ID volume
-5061 Maximum number of volumes have been mounted
-5062 Volume already mounted
-5063 Attempt to log on to a server running on the 
same machine

Error Codes: Device Manager

0 No error
-17 Driver does not respond to this control request
-18 Driver does not respond to this status request
-19 Driver does not respond to read requests
-20 Driver does not respond to write requests
-21 Driver reference number does not match unit table
-22 Driver reference number specifies a nil handle in unit table
-23 Requested read/write permission does not match driver's open permission
-24 Driver unable to complete close request
-25 Attempt to remove an open driver
-26 Driver resource not found
-27 Request aborted by KillIO
-28 Driver not open
-36 Data does not match in read-verify mode
-97 Port is in use
-98 Port is not configured


Error Codes: Memory Manager

0 No error
-50 Error in parameter list
-99 Operation on a read-only zone
-108 Not enough memory
-109 NIL master pointer
-111 Attempt to operate on a free block
-112 Attempt to purge a locked block
-115 Block check failed
-117 Block is locked
-502 Processor does not support flushing a range
-620 Insufficient physical memory
-621 Specified range of memory is not held
-622 Cannot make specified range contiguous
-623 Specified range of memory is not locked
-624 Called with interrupts masked
-625 Unable to defer additional user functions


Error  Codes: Process Manager

0 No error
-50 Process serial number is invalid
-108 Not enough memory to allocate the partition size specified in the 'SIZE' resource
-192 Resource not found
-600 No eligible process with specified process serial number
-601 Not enough room to launch application with special requirements
-602 Addressing mode is 32-bit, but application is not 32-bit clean
-605 Partition size specified in 'SIZE' resource is not big enough for launch
-606 Application is background-only


Error Codes: QuickDraw

0 No error
-50 Illegal parameter to NewGWorld
-143 CopyBits couldn't allocate required temporary memory
-144 Ran out of stack space while drawing polygon
-145 Insufficient memory for drawing the picture
-147 Region too big or complex
-148 Pixel map is deeper than 1 bit per pixel
-149 Insufficient stack
-150 Color2Index failed to find an index
-151 Failed to allocate memory for temporary structures
-152 Failed to allocate memory for structure
-153 Range error on color table request
-154 ColorTable record entry protection violation
-155 Invalid type of graphics device
-156 Invalid resolution for MakeITable
-157 Invalid pixel depth specified to NewGWorld
-500 Bitmap would convert to a region greater than 64 KB
-11000 Version number not 0
-11001 Invalid picture information ID
-11002 Invalid verb combination specified
-11003 Custom pick method not in resource chain
-11004 Number out of range or greater than that passed to NewPictInfo
-11005 Invalid picture data 


Error Codes: Print Manager

128 Application or user requested cancel
2 Requested PrGeneral opcode not implemented in the current printer driver
1 Resolution requested with the PrGeneral procedure is not supported
0 No error
-1 Problem saving print file
-17 Unimplemented control instructions; the Device Manager returns this result code
-27 I/O error
-108 There is not enough room in the heap zone
-192 The current printer driver does not support PrGeneral; you should clear this error with a call to PrSetError with a parameter value of 0; otherwise, PrError might still contain this error next time you check it 
-4096 There are no free connect control blocks (CCBs) available
-4097 Bad connection reference number
-4098 The request is already active
-4099 The write request is too big
-4100 The connection is closed
-4101 The printer is not found, is closed, or is not selected
-8131 Printer not responding
-8132 A timeout occurred (that is, no communication has occurred with the printer for two minutes); this is usually caused by an extremely long imaging time or a dropped connection
-8133 A PostScript error occurred during transmission of data to the printer; this is most often caused by a bug in the application-supplied PostScript code
-8160 The print image enlarged by the user with the Page Setup dialog box overflows the available page resolution
-8976 Font found in printer is not Type 1, TrueType, or bitmapped font
-8977 PostScript stack underflow while restoring graphics state
-8978 The pixel pattern could not be found and could not be built
-8979 The 'PDEF' converter doesn't exist
-8980 Application called PrOpenDoc and PrCloseDoc without calling PrOpenPage and PrClosePage in between
-8981 The GetColor function called with null GetColorInfo handle
-8982 The filename pointer for the spool file is null
-8983 The spool folder is a file instead of a folder
-8984 When saving a spool file to disk, the value FileTypeIndex field had no matching entry in the driver
-8985 A PostScript outline could not be found for a PostScript font, and there is no associated 'sfnt' resource
-8986 Unable to build bitmap for font
-8987 PostScript file isn't named
-8989 Could not make a unique filename for the spool file
-8990 Bad version number in header of spool file
-8991 The resource describing needed procedure sets is unavailable for the PostScript prolog
-8993 The printer is not responding
-8994 The PostScript level has an unknown value
-8995 Font query reply didn't match any fonts in list of PostScript names
-8996 The size list contained an entry that could not be reconciled with the typeface list
-8997 Entry could not be found in typeface list
-8998 Key for desired font number and style could not be found in font table


Error Codes: Sound Manager

0 No error
-50 A parameter is incorrect
-200 Required sound hardware not available
-201 Insufficient hardware available
-203 No room in the queue
-204 Problem loading the resource
-205 Channel is corrupt or unusable
-206 Resource is corrupt or unusable
-207 Insufficient memory available
-208 File is corrupt or unusable, or not AIFF or AIFF-C
-209 Channel is busy
-210 Buffer is too small
-211 Channel not currently used
-212 Not enough CPU time available
-223 Invalid compression type


Error Codes: Other MacOS Errors

9 Reserved
8 Reserved
7 Reserved
7 Out of range (synonym for toggleErr3)
6 Tried to use character as number
5 Unknown error
4 Invalid character
3 Invalid delta value
2 Invalid field number
1 No error
0 Undefined error
0 No error
-85 Unable to read clock
-86 Time written did not verify

6-2. Compiler Error Messages Contents | 7-1. The VT52 Emulator

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